Chartered Accountants, Business and
Tax Consultants that share your vision

Professional, skilled, experienced.

AEG & Partners LLC is a professional Chartered Accounting and business/tax consulting firm that’s committed to putting together first-class solutions for you and your business.

Since inauguration in 2011, we have become well-respected specialists for all aspects of accountancy, tax, audit and assurance, and business consultancy services, and has set a standard of professional business conduct into the industry in Cameroon.

Solution satisfaction

Our qualified consultants deliver a unique quality of service that is designed to meet the individual needs of our clients anywhere, anytime, and across all industries.

Today, businesses in Cameroon are able to choose from a richer and wider selection of business advisory services than ever before when looking to solve their always changing and ever-complex business challenges.

Solutions to these challenges are not dependant solely on advice received from business services firms, but, in many cases, are enabled by it. Our firm offers a mix of the top experienced and qualified professionals with a deep knowledge of the business environment, mastery of the accounting, tax and finance laws of the country and, deep insight and experience in International Financial reporting standards, International standards on auditing, complex taxation laws (corporate and personal income taxes), marketing and other business solutions that will assist you in meeting the ever-growing challenges you may face when running your business.

In this environment, a two-way collaboration between the client and AEG & Partners is required, in order to realise the value of investments. We are developing deep expertise as we develop more targeted solutions, and access to this expertise makes a big difference.

Facing challenges the right way

A strong and co-ordinated team effort, and ethical, professional and qualified consultants gives us the added flexibility in addressing client challenges, allowing us to respond to a wide range of complex business issues more quickly and effectively. Strategic alliances with international firms provide AEG & Partners the ability to tap deep knowledge, skills and abilities as needed, in order to create client-relevant solutions on demand.

AEG has the right tools, and the right minds, to help grow your business. (improvement, achievement, success, growth, business, tools, minds, progress)